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Smokers a Year to Stop!!


Stop Smoking Brisbane Hypnotherapy Clinic
The Brisbane Stop Smoking Clinic  


The Brisbane Stop Smoking Clinic is based in Coorparoo.


We are committed to reducing the number of smokers.

The clinic is set up with the sole purpose of helping reluctant smokers to become committed non-smokers who never think about cigarettes again rather than just ex smokers who always struggle to avoid the habit.

Our expertise is in the area of stopping smokers from smoking, we made a conscious decision to focus in this area and conduct Quit Smoking sessions, and nothing else.  

Cost $350 (Pensioners $300)

We are so confident in what we do...


... that if you start smoking cigarettes in the first 3 months after  your session, we will do a follow up session (one session), at no charge, to help you permanently quit cigarettes.



What Is The My Quit Buddy App


My QuitBuddy is The Brisbane Stop Smoking Clinics preferred app, it is designed to deliver you support  to  stay smoke-free.



My QuitBuddy is easily customised. You can:​

  • set goals and add the support you need to achieve them

  • receive a useful tip when you open the app — during the first 30 days

  • nominate your danger times and My QuitBuddy gets in touch to keep you on track

  • set a series of scheduled alerts (such as "Congratulations, it’s been two weeks!") keep you on track

  • view your daily progress including how much money you’ve saved

  • use a range of distractions to help you deal with any cravings

  • get reminded of why you decided to quit and to stay focused on your goal with a personalised slideshow

  • read helpful messages from other people who are quitting and leave your own for others to read

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