• Ann-Marie Johansen

Why Don't People Just Quit Cigarettes

"Every smoker knows that cigarerettes are bad for them, every smoker knows that they spend too much money on smoking, and I truly believe that all smokers want to quit",

Ann-Marie, Owner The Brisbane Stop Smoking Clinic & The Gold Coast Stop Smoking Clinic

So why don't smokers just quit? Why is it so hard for my husband to quit? Why can't I just quit? Why do I fail? I hear this from people every day.

80% of smokers want to quit (I believe that its 100%, 20% are just not ready to admit it), but they don't ...why?

I've heard it all...I don't want to put on weight, I cant stand the withdrawal symptoms, I don't have the will power, Im too stressed/bored/tired/addicted. Im scared to fail, I like smoking.


= Because smoking is not under your control.

If you are a smoker, how many do you actually enjoy?

Most tell me 4, maybe 5 and all the others are smoked sub-consciously. Smoking cigarettes is usually done by your sub-conscious mind....similar to driving. Remember when you first learned to drive, you had to consciously think about it...but what do you do drive, talk whilst you drive, eat whilst you drive. You drive sub-consciously.

When you had your first cigarette it was a conscious decision, but now it is just something you do sub-consciously, almost auto pilot.

At The Brisbane Stop Smoking Clinic we deal with the indiviudal reasons in our 90 minute Quit Smoking session. Unless you deal with the individual reasons unique to each person, it is highly unlikely that you will have luck quitting cigarettes long-term.

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