• Ann-Marie Johansen

Staying Smoke Free Over The Festive Season

Christmas and New Year are an exciting time of year for most people, but it can also be overwhelming. Being more social at this time of year is generally the norm, and for some people trying to stay smoke-free, it may feel a little challenging.

Being around friends/family who smoke and social gatherings are what we call "smoking triggers" that impact smokers and feel challenging for recent quitters

If you’ve recently quit, the approaching festivities may seem a little daunting … if you don’t have the right tools to help you stay smoke-free.

Here are our top tips

1. Do not avoid your smoking friends - getting through a social event with smoking friends will make you feel great

2. Take something to keep your hands busy in case you have a craving, like a bracelet, a bottle of water or your phone

3. Excuse yourself (to get a drink/go to the bathroom) if necessary. Removing yourself temporarily from the situation if a craving hits can be effective as you’re giving yourself a few minutes for the urge to pass. 

4. Use phrases like “No thanks, I don’t smoke”, "No thanks, I recently gave up".

5. Be wary of the “just one” thought. Just one does not exist, it will take you very quickly back to where you were.

6. If you are organising an outing with friends or family pick smoke-free venues such as the movies or a restaurant. 

We Help 500+ Smokers Stop Smoking Each Year, and will only be closed during the public holidays.

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