• Ann-Marie Johansen

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Some people describe the experience of hypnosis as highly pleasurable and often comment at the end of the session that they feel extremely relaxed. You might feel any number of sensations.

Most people's muscles feel loose and relaxed. Many report pleasant feelings.

Often the breathing grows deeper and slower as a result of increased relaxation. Feelings of warmth or tingling are quote common. Some people feel a heaviness or lightness in their body.

Often people report an increased ability to visualize; much like daydreaming. Some people's perception of time is altered - the trance state may seem much longer or shorter in duration than it actually is.

While some continue to listen to the words of the hypnotherapist, others report that the mind drifts away to some pleasant memory or imagined scene. Because the conscious mind may drift away, some report only a general sense of what was said during the session, just like seeing a movie but not perfectly remembering every scene.

Each persons individual’s experience is unique.

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