• Ann-Marie Johansen

Why The Specialist Hypnotherapist May Be More Effective Than The Generalist

If you had a shoulder injury that required surgery and you had a choice of surgery from either a specialist or from a generalist surgeon, who would you go for? I am certain that the overwhelming majority would choose the specialist.

Specialist Hypnotherapist

The specialist is the ‘expert’ who brings a unique focus to that condition alone, compared to a generalist who of course may sometimes treat it, however most of the time does not.

The same can be applied to the world of Hypnotherapy. With a marketplace that is loaded with Hypnotherapists (many of which simply do relaxation therapy), I recommend you seek out the very best, whether its stopping smoking, anxiety, eating disorders or other problems.

Lets take the scenario where you are struggling stopping smoking. You will find a large number of generalist Hypnotherapists that claim to work in this area as well as other areas. It is highly probable that the specialist will offer you a deeper understanding of your condition, an experience that is more aligned to your specific needs, and a stronger history of delivering the result you want to achieve.

The market in Australia is now saturated with Hypnotherapists and it is therefore advisable you take your time looking for the very best and in doing so I urge you to explore the specialist route.

We have been assisting people on The Gold Coast and in Brisbane to stop smoking since 2010. We are trained to deal with other areas, but we don't. We specialise in helping people that want to become non-smokers to stop smoking.

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Benefits of you working with a Specialist Hypnotherapist include:

The specialist is likely to bring a wealth of experience in treating your condition/problem. Your condition is all they are interested in so a deeper connection with you is probably more likely.

It is less likely that a general Hypnotherapist will be in a position to share a good deal of evidence of their individual success in treating your specific problem. Yes, a generalist may spout theory about your particular issue, however you need to see hard evidence of the clients they have treated with your specific condition.

Specialists are much more likely to be enthused about you, your problem/condition, and the result you desire, because your condition is all they are interested in working with. What you don’t want to experience is a Hypnotherapist that has only a limited understanding of you and your condition. Yes, there are generalists that will bring a reasonable understanding, however the specialist is probably going to deliver more of what you expect.

Specialists are typically not cheap, however you may be more likely to get the result that you are looking for. Our prices are not expensive and we find at $290 (as at March 2017) that the average pack a day smoker has recouped this cost within a 2 week period. A small price to pay for an improvement in your health and finances.

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