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Hypnosis - Stop Smoking, Guaranteed!!

A question that I occasionally get asked is this:

"Can you guarantee me that your hypnosis session will make me stop smoking?"

"I see some hypnotherapists/businesses who boast on their websites that they can!!!!!

"If you have been searching for help to quit smoking perhaps that rings bells...if not, it should!!!!,

"So, let's get to the question.

If you ask me if I can guarantee that MY hypnosis sessions will make you stop smoking?

"I would reply, "Absaloutley not!!!!!.....

that not only is it against any kind of advertising legislation (illegal and misleading according to the ACCC) but that also it would be very unethical,

"I would tell you that I can't sprinkle fairy dust (just being pragmatic) and that it will take some work on your side. I tell clients that they must be determined and have made the decision that they want to stop, before seeing me.

"I advise each client that an average to good result to expect from a stop smoking session is the removal of cold turkey symptoms.

I tell clients that, in the short term, they may still think about having a cigarette, but what they think changes, once they say "no" the thought of it should then leave their mind, and quickly, unlike cold turkey where the thought lingers on and you get a little crabby"

You can read more about my Stop Smoking Sessions Here

" Don't get me wrong, Hypnosis can and does work to help you stop smoking, in fact, I see over 400 smokers each and every year, I just want to be honest and manage your expectations, as well as find the right Hypnotherapist for you. Read here for how to pick the right Hypnotherapist for you

"I believe that, consciously, no-one wants to smoke! If it was JUST a conscious decision that was required to give up smoking we would have no smokers!

"Did I ever offer a guarantee? Honestly, yes. When we first started out, back in 2010. After qualifying in hypnotherapy approx $5,000 was paid to attend a weekend course (ouch) that was just for people that wanted to start or improve their Stop Smoking Business, "Quit Smoking in 60 mins" I think it was called....I even think that this course still exists. One of those hyped up, Americanised courses...Im human, make mistakes. But I quickly realised this is not a realistic marketing promise, for many reasons

* Illegal to make guarantees on services,

* Places all the focus on the Hypnotherapist and none on the client.

* Just so unrealistic

"I also know, that when people fail to stop smoking that it can sometimes take years for them to attempt to stop again. I don't want that, no one that is genuine does.

"Now although this type of advertising got us clients, (not as many as we do now, mind you) we didn't continue with the practice of this "guarantee" for very long. Before we even knew it was illegal it just didn't sit right.

"Stopping smoking is hard, hypnosis is an aid to assist you to stop smoking, just like patches, nicotine gum, acupuncture and drugs are. Mind you most of my clients have tried all of these things.

"Can any of these ways guarantee that you will stop smoking??

"To say it another way, I can absolutely guarantee that you will give up smoking if you do everything I tell you to do. "Stop Smoking!"....See what I mean...not realistic.

"I can also guarantee you that you can and will run a marathon if you follow my 6 month guide which includes training schedules and eating plans...yeah right

Get it!!!!

"Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists and even medical practitioners cannot guarantee any outcome. It's not realisatic, and its not legal.

"These modalities are not commodities,

"Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

What I Do Guarantee

I Guarantee:

* To always give 100% to each client session

* To be on time for your session

* To uncover any behavioural changes that clients may need to think about changing, and work with you to choose alternatives

* To treat each client with respect

* To ensure that at your session you understand how Hypnosis will shut down your drive to smoke

* That I have a lot of happy clients that have become non-smokers after seeing me. Read my testimonials

* Confidentiality

I also guarantee clients that if they are struggling in the first 3 months after their session that they can come back in for a Free Session (and this figure is currently less than 10%).

I see so many people who already saw someone else who made guarantees to them, promises to them and then left disappointed.

There is a reason why we have been doing this since 2010. There is a reason why I personally see over 400 Smokers each and every year.

If you are determined to stop smoking, are over it, perhaps give me a call

1300 720 988

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